Restorative Justice Programs

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While most approaches to juvenile justice concentrate on punishing or treating delinquent youths, the restorative justice process seeks to repair the harm by involving the entire community in rehabilitating offenders and holding them accountable for their behavior. These strength based and goal aligned programs are led by collaborative teams made up of law enforcement, education, mental health counselors, family members, educators and other supportive members in the youth’s life. Redirection away from the criminal justice system and helping prevent criminal behavior, gang involvement, and truancy improves the quality of life in our community and schools.


This is a collaborative program between WPD, PAL, and PVPSA whose primary purpose is to provide early prevention and intervention services to 4th-8th grade students who live in the high crime neighborhood of the Landis Avenue, Carey Avenue, and Davis Avenue area in the City of Watsonville. This program provides individual case management services, a variety of pro-social activities and parent workshops to support student’s academic and social success at school.


Caminos is a 3-6 month diversion program for first time offender youth that seeks to prevent further juvenile justice involvement. Students are offered an opportunity to participate in the Caminos program and complete their individualized diversion plan instead of being placed on juvenile probation. Diversion plans are developed in collaboration with the student, the student’s parents and case management team and may include participation in pro-social activities, individual and/or family counseling, parent workshops, and community service hours.


This is a collaborative program between the PVUSD Student Services Department and PVPSA whose primary purpose is to prevent school dropout by supporting expelled youth with re-enrolling in school and addressing the social, emotional, and academic barriers to success. Students develop an individualized support plan that includes individual case management and counseling services and participate in volunteer community service hours to complete their requirements for re-enrolling in the school district.

BASTA / Re-Entry Program

BASTA is an intensive diversion program with a multi-disciplinary team approach. Youth are supported by a collaborative resource group that may include law enforcement, probation, a case manager, counselor, family members and other supportive resources such as teachers or coaches. BASTA serves to keep youth from entering the criminal justice system by creating a strength based and goal oriented accountability plan, specialized services that utilize local resources and services.